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Chocolate Balls

September 6, 2012

Lets get cooking 🙂


14 Graham crackers

5 spoons cocoa powder

10 spoons suagr

6 spoons milk

1 butter stick

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

sprinkles / coconut flakes

Step by Step:

1. Break Graham crackers into small pieces

2. Mix together the Graham crackers, cocoa powder, sugar milk, vanilla extract and butter.

3. Shape the butter into balls and coat with sprinkles or coconut flakes

4. Refrigerate for one hour.

5. Eat

 step by step chocolate balls "Playful Kitchen"

Recipe Tips:

Kids Cool Trick – After washing your hands, use them to mix, pour and shape. They are the best tool in you’re disposal.

 ParenTIP: Practice counting with your young ones of the exact quantity of each ingredient.

Counting is the basis of math. This skill is required when solving advanced math problems in school.

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